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Title: Gettting started
Post by: Glenn Sunshine on November 04, 2006, 09:53:45 AM
My 14 year old son is seriously interested in Parkour. With the winter coming on, I'm not sure how much he'll be able to do, but he's got a group of friends potentially interested as well. I recommended working on landings, and I can teach them basic rolls from my days as a martial arts instructor. Any other suggestions for what they can do for conditioning or training so they'll be ready to rock when spring rolls around? Anyone doing anything in the Hartford area?

Title: Re: Gettting started
Post by: CyanideSoda on November 05, 2006, 02:53:57 PM
Landings, rolls, and the just doing. Alot of people underestimate how much one can improve if they just randomly burst into parkour. For instance if you go to a grocerie(SP?) store, and there is two spaced parking stumps(i don't know what there called, the yellow things that keep your wheels from going to far foward). Just precision them a couple of times. Even if it was cold, this wouldn't be a giant deal, only extending the time your outside by a minute. And then maybe just vault a random rail. Its these little things that can keep you sharp, or even help you progress during the winter.