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Title: RT's training log
Post by: Ryan Thomas on June 01, 2009, 08:45:14 AM
1. keep momentum after my kongs
2. learn dive kongs and double kongs
3. gain confidence in my turn vaults
4. Muscle up
5. 20 pull-ups
6. get +7 tightrope walking steps
7. +7 foot percission comportably
8. perfect basic landing and roll, gain confidence in my roll
9. underbar through 2ft large gap
10. ... crap i forget
11. i remembered !! get my dash vault right !!

plan of action.
daily lifting: 5 pull ups between exercises, 5th should be muscle up attempt

return home: go through town and practice kongs over fences and bars and walls n such, dive kongs n double kongs over picnic tables. underbars on pull up bars in park (set up tape on bars leaving a gap. gap gets smaller each time) practice standing long jumps and precissions when able. tightrope walk on bars after done with prcissions. find drops to practice landings and rolls on.

Today: to be decided