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Title: Hello! ^_^
Post by: Hijiku on November 24, 2008, 05:15:56 AM
Hello every one, as you can guess, I am new here! (NO DUH!! >.<)

I'm usually not so good with introductions, but I guess I can give you the basics on this post. My name is Dominic, ( Hijiku is my nick-name ;] ) I am 18 years old, I live in upstate New York, and I have been into Parkour for about two years now. Ever since watching "District B-13", (AWESOME MOVIE!!!) I have been absorbed in watching people do crazy things while freerunning and such across urban places and roof tops etc..

I have always wanted to be like those people, granted that I have absolutely NO INTENTION of doing some really crazy things WILLINGLY, I would like to get my head clear and get into shape. I feel that this will help me achieve that goal. To read more about me in detail, please feel free to see my blog, any and all constructive crtitsism would be greatly appreciated.

On an unrelated note; I realize that I have some bad spelling, please bear with me. (-.-);

I hope I can gain some new friends on here, if anyone wishes to get to know me, then please, by all means, contact me at!  ;D