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Title: HIpk Monthly Newsletter
Post by: Gregg HIPK on May 19, 2008, 06:05:08 PM
Hey guys and gals,

Ozzi here from the HIpk team, this is the first of our monthly newsletters you all will be getting in order to keep you up to date about all that is going on in our parkour community. We don't mean to stalk you or anything just to keep you informed so you can assist to any events going on and have some fun while doing what we love.

This month has been one of achievements;

- Starting Jun 5th HIpk will be holding Parkour classes at Crossfit Oahu, you can check all the info about this classes including outline here

- As you probably already know our monthly jam is on the way, to be exact this coming Sunday.
You can check the info about locations and times here

- Also now starting to be feature on the front page there is the GOM (goal of the month) something to keep you motivated and exceeding your limits. Read about it

- We are starting to plan for the next seminar, can't give you any details yet but we will keep you posted.

- If you havent checked out out MySpace, you can add us my going to, we usually post all the info about anything going on there also.

- Lastly but not least, we are getting tons of hits but guest, last Saturday we had 23 people looking at the site simultaneously. The community is small but growing, having new members weekly. The team and I would like to ask you to stop by and interact, remember if you are in Hawaii and love parkour/freerunning this is also your community your site as it is ours. Interact, share, ask, give feedback. We created this site for you guys to be informed about anything and also to share anything you got going on (practices, videos etc) we all hope to see you around.

Remember to check the info about this Sunday jam. We hope to see you there.

HIpk Team