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Robi's journal
« on: May 09, 2008, 12:32:19 AM »
well i broke my collar bone today in a nonparkour related incident, stupid tree.
anyways this is so i don't forget what i was able to do and to remind me what to relearn when i'm healed up.

I went out and was able to do kongs over a picnic table width wise consistently getting my hips pretty high. I also almost nailed double kongs, kept touching my foot down at the last second for no reason other than lack of confidence. Was able to do a bunch of monkeys and lazy vaults at work and did some more in a bike rack along with a bunch of turn vaults. Also got the cat leap down, was able to jump over some bushes onto a wall slightly higher than myself and muscle up with almost no problem at all.
tried to work on wallruns but still can't get those down just yet. also was able to pull of plenty of palm spins on increasingly steeper surfaces but can't get the wallspin just yet. was able to do backflips off a small 1 ft high balance beam into the sand with no problem. couldn't get the front flip or arial though. Overall a fairly successful training day and a lot to work on when i come back.

note to self: watch out for hollow branches when climbing trees.

Edit: also worked on my rolls a little more which i have down pretty good. spent three years pole vaulting having to role out of bad 10-13ft jumps. you learn fast that way lol. had no problem with the 10ft drop behind my house to get to my training grounds (its off the wall behind my house and into grass and i roll out of it very nicely, no clipping of the shoulder of hip, and the best way to get to the park/school behind my house).
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