Author Topic: AKPK jam some time in the near future?  (Read 2930 times)

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AKPK jam some time in the near future?
« on: October 29, 2010, 06:57:27 PM »
Hey there AKPK!!! I am planning a trip sometime in between Jan and March to Alaska to visit a friend of mine that just moved up there. I figure while im there why not try and connect with the friendly folks of the Alaskan parkour community? Unfortunately there Doesnt really seem to be one :(  Im an assistant parkour coach in Seattle WA at Parkour Visions Gym. i work closely with Rafe Kelley and Tyson Cecka and would love to maybe Host a clinic for any one, beginners or not. i would really appreciate it if any one could help me out and give me some information on who to contact and how to make this happen! i can be contacted at    Thanks a bunch!