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Progression workout
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:54:29 AM »
Hello Ladies!

There hasn't been much going on in the women's board. I thought it'd be fun to see how everyone's progressing or what all you traceuses have been up to! Any accomplishments or goals? I know everyone is probably getting into the groove of summer now that classes are over/almost over. I have a lot to say!

1) I've been training every day for the last couple weeks and it has really been paying off. I also started some more intense conditioning that I am hoping to continue next week. It feels SO good to be sore. I am doing a lot of body weight training, core, and really going to focus on lower body, which is my weak area.

2) Right now, in my training I am focusing on precisions. A bit on the side, I've been trying to get comfortable with monkey/kong vaults. I am doing really well with vaults such as the lazy, thief, safety, reverse safety, speed, etc. So in an effort to move on to things I am not as comfortable with, I am perfecting my precisions while still incorporating vaults and other movement into my training. And as always, working on that roll technique and softer landings!

3) There are some specific movements I am trying to accomplish. I am working on a lache that I ALMOST have on some outside bars. My hands are getting torn up so it is painful to swing for long. There is also a small kong to precision that I am also extremely close to getting. I think it will all come with more strength which is why I'm conditioning. I am also trying to get more comfortable with precisions that are at a height. And I am just talking maybe 5 ft. high and not that far apart. It's the sort of situation where I can do a bigger precision on the ground and this smaller one at a height is giving me the biggest mental blocks. I have done it but it takes me a while to muster up the courage. So I figure if I drill my precisions that will help me become more comfortable.

4) Quirks: I have found that I enjoy striding much more than precisions. The guys I train with think this is hilarious. They tell me one day I'll be better than Philly D. To which I responded "Who is that?" After a few videos on youtube, I found out! I am also finding that bars are very fun! Wall runs are probably my most unfavorite. Once I am better at more basics my plan is to work some climb-ups. I can struggle to the top of a relatively high wall but it is not so pretty! I find that cats are fun too. Been trying those out more.

All in all, I feel I'm at the point where I have learned a lot of individual movements and now I want to put them together. I still have ALOT to work on, even in the individual movements and I learn more and more every time I train. I am really loving it, though and having tons of fun!!

Tomorrow I am going to Daytona Beach to have a small jam with all guys. I'll be at LVPK next weekend for the women's seminar/jam. Then, around June 26 I am going to the Southeast Auburn, AL jam where I hope to meet some fellow traceuses. In July I'm visiting a cousin in Los Angeles so I hope to train some there. Then mid July I might be going to another Jam in Indiana (not set in stone, though) and one day I'll make it to D.C.

That's about it! I'm really excited to learn and really better myself this summer! If there are any traceuses in FLORIDA, please please contact me. We have some awesomely dedicated traceurs around here but as far as I know, I'm the only traceuse who is as dedicated. I'm in Orlando/UCF area which is pretty central. I can easily get to Tampa, Gainesville, Daytona, Ft. Myers, Naples, Miami, & Tallahassee.

In traceuse news...Since I made a parkour album on facebook, I have had 6 girls who expressed serious interest in trying out parkour. It looks like I'll be trying to do a weekly "class" for them with some of the traceurs I train with. Wish me well! I also have some video footage building up so we'll see where that goes.

Thanks for reading! Please respond with what you're up to and how your training is going. I want to hear from ya'll :)

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Re: Progression workout
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 10:34:26 AM »
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