Author Topic: We try parkour: Exercise like a superhero!!!!  (Read 221 times)

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We try parkour: Exercise like a superhero!!!!
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:52:09 AM »
Parkour participants have control of the obstacles and intensity that they want to practice ? so that doesn't mean you need to leap between buildings during your first session.
Born from military obstacle course training and popularised by online videos, parkour uses enhanced and superhuman movements, like leaping, climbing and rolling, to tackle natural and manmade obstacles, like stairwells, walls and curbs. For my parkour debut I was told to bring an open mind and to wear light, non-restrictive clothing.
The beauty of parkour is that it's not confined to any one location. No pitch, no court, no rink; it's acrobatic and creative free-movement that can be done practically anywhere obstacles present themselves. On this occasion, I would be completing an informal, introductory "jam" at Auckland's Victoria Park, a bonafide parkour playground complete with leap-able boulders, a skate park with numerous ledges and ramps to hang and swing, and a humungous log screaming to be jumped off. But before all that I had to learn the fundamental parkour safety roll which is used to minimise impact on the body upon landing.
For my first attempt I started from a kneeling position, before rolling forward onto my forearm and following through across the shoulder and back ? effectively taking the childhood forward roll and streamlining it so there's more control and limited pressure on the neck and head. With a loose version of the safety roll under my belt, it was time to confront some obstacles with dynamic movement. Think: balancing on wooden bollards, vaulting over a power box and attempting to hop between those boulders. Bystanders seemed very confused that two grown men were repeatedly  صندلی فلزی   میز فلزی  leaping over a grey metal cube ? self-consciousness is another obstacle for participants to get over.
The main event would be to jump and transition into a safety roll from the giant log. My first landing threw the rulebook out the window and resulted in a solid impact from the feet to knees. The second was more of a step-by-step run through than one fluid motion. It would do in this instance.
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