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List of Michigan Traceurs and Locations
« on: January 25, 2006, 08:39:18 PM »
Ok, I put together a nice list to refer to, to find out the locations of the Michigan traceurs that are on here. I locked it so if you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions about it just PM me. I'll try to keep it up to date as more people show up. I know there are more people in a couple places (TC, PH) but since they haven't posted on APK I didn't include them, although there should be someone on here that can contact them.

Also visit the APK Map to look for people, places and events near you!,com_google_maps/task,xml/Itemid,193/

Alias (First Name): Hometown / City (Nearby large city)

SkyNative (Levi): Traverse City

Frosti (Mike): Traverse City / Chicago

Dzokhar (Ryan): Traverse City

A Hint of lemon (Ken): Traverse City / Ann Arbor

Nem (Jeremy): Port Huron

Monkey (MichiganParkour) (Cody): Port Huron

Olloth (Dalton): Port Huron

Cheez Whiz (Connor): Port Huron

Monk (Green Lantern) (Bob): Port Huron

Spydur (Bobby): Port Huron

Stomp (?): Port Huron

Cogent (Kristofer): Mt. Pleasant

Xero (Ben): Port Huron / Mt. Pleasant

Redneck427 (Ron): Saline (Ann Arbor)

DanMan (Danny): Jackson (Ann Arbor)

Kipup (MikeyORules): UofM (Ann Arbor)

Thanatos (Eric): Ann Arbor

Valigon (Ken): Clinton (Ann Arbor)

Shadow09 (?): Clinton (Ann Arbor)

Roar (Aurora): Ann Arbor

Denim (Spencer): West Bloomfield/Waterford (Ann Arbor)

Proz (Steve): Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor

nobili-T (Travis): Ann Arbor

Phish (Nic): Sylvania, OH (but I can go up to Ann Arbor)

GQChynaBoi (Steve): Sterling Heights (Detroit)

Kulex (Kenny): Berkley (Detroit)

Cork (Anthony): Madison Heights (Detroit)

Conniver (Justin): Wayne (Detroit)

FlyinLion (Fre (Jeff)): Warren (Detroit)

lunchbox816 (?): Windsor (Detroit)

Matthew Menze (Matt): Marquette (Up in da U.P. eh!)

Smilez22 (Ryan): Ionia (Grand Rapids/Lansing)

The Serpent (Evan): Ionia (Grand Rapids/Lansing)

Mystik (Terra): Muskegon (Grand Rapids)

Andross (Drew): Grand Rapids

Beehee (Nathan): Grand Rapids

-Not on APK-
(PM me for their names, I don't want to give out their AIM SNs without their permission)

_________ (?): Grand Rapids

_________ (?): Ann Arbor
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