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Hey, This is a wacky Idea that came to me a few minutes ago. I figure the music of a video can make or break it depending on the style. so heres my idea....
Its a game, or perhaps a contest, involving these steps:
1) posting links to your own video(s)
2) Picking a video (not your own) from the collection of videos
3) Editing NEW MUSIC into the video making it as Hilarious as you can :)
4) Reposing the video to be judged by the community on the funniest.

Now, you can't just put stupid music behind it and call it done, you have to search for the best stupid music you can, and sync it up to where it actually looks like it belongs.... in a twisted, hilarious kind of way.
The winner could perhaps get an APK T-shirt, or even their very own piece of Skipper's wardrobe :P

But first things first, Post links to your videos in this thread, we will deal with distribution when all entries are in!!!!

Good luck!

Logan Lay:
You are a sick sick man!  ;D Should be funny  ;)

Here, I will start this out with With a classic.

Dont edit yet, just submit links to your videos. And a link submission is an entry into the competition, meaning you have to edit someone else's video.

And here is an example of a Skipper-Swap-out!!!

its Just an example, i want some creativity here!

Paul Leon Mederos:
lol AWESOME. I have the greatest idea.


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