Author Topic: How To Srtup and Fix SBCGlobal Email Setup Issue On Apple Devices?  (Read 223 times)

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You need to be sure that the mobile is connected to the email server.
And you need to go to mobile mail and then enter on a secure server link.
After that log into the SBCGlobal account by hitting the SBCGlobal net email login & password.
In case you find an issue in signing onto the account, just enter the login details once more and check the account setup correctly.
In case you find that there is an issue with your account, then contact an administrator or you can check the SBCGlobal Email settings.
The keyboard of Apple devices is very complicated. In case you mistype any character or word or character, you may get a problem with the email setup. It?s necessary to double check the settings cautiously and then enter on login button directly from the SBCGlobal mail settings.
In case you find that even after entering the right password, you are confronting trouble with the SBC Yahoo login, just reset the password via hitting on ?Reset password? link.

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