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overflux's mega jam
« on: July 03, 2007, 09:43:25 PM »

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2007, 07:03:09 AM »
AKA Jam of the CENTURY.... (why, cuz that is the name, thats why) ;D

OVerflux is the SOuthEASTERN Region.

GA, MISS. FLORIDA, ALABAMA, TENN. & whatnot.  All are welcome though.

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2007, 06:47:48 AM »

Jam of the Century

August 3-5th 2007
Friday: Everyone arrive in ATL and goto hotels/host homes
Saturday: Piedmont Park ( [link] )
Saturday Night: training in Decatur (Parking to be found at [link] Church Parking Lot there)
Sunday: Centennial Park/GWCC/GA Tech (Free parking at [link] #9 on map)

Be nice and respectful; bring your own backpack/water

Contact people willing to drive others; see list below...
*based on survey results

Driving from Kennesaw, GA: simgar -at-
Driving from Coral Springs, FL: ak72 -at-
Driving from Leroy, AL / Riverdale, GA: jomari.peterson -at-
Driving from Snellville, GA: zanadoo87 -at-
Driving from Jacksonville, FL: jerble -at-

What to bring
Money for food and drink, extra sets of clothes

Important phone numbers
*will be posted soon


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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2007, 08:14:49 PM »
Man I want to go!
 i'm in Nashville, TN.  I wish i had known about this earlier.  I have to work this weekend, but calling in sick is sounding pretty tempting...

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2007, 04:10:51 AM »
Man I want to go!
 i'm in Nashville, TN.  I wish i had known about this earlier.  I have to work this weekend, but calling in sick is sounding pretty tempting...

Doesn't it, I am taking off work early

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2007, 06:54:27 PM »
The jam (day one):

More details at We're going to have a winter jam as well, so come to that one!

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2007, 05:55:07 AM »

Written By the overflux Community

Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th, 2007 marked two days that at least 28 traceurs will remember for times to come. Yes, it was the Jam of Century aka Mega Jam in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. If you are curious as to why "The Jam of Century," well, because we said so.

August 4th

Overflux Community representing in Piedmont Park. 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Decatur 8:00p.m. - 10:30p.m.

August 5th

Centennial Park 10:00a.m - 3:00p.m.

There were an estimated 30 people who came together - some experienced traceurs and others getting their first taste of Parkour. People came from miles around: Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Egypt and even Japan... We’re international!

Day 1

Piedmont Park

Day 1 started at 9:00 am at Piedmont Park. People started to trickle in as those with cell phones started calling other members. Newcomers introduced themselves with their aliases and real names, with everyone having an "Oh, that's you!" moment. At 11 present and counting, we decided to wait for everyone else to come before stretching. Traceurs continued to come in throughout the day, with Jumanji (Jomari) shouting to help the participants locate the group and Streetviper (Alex) sending out a high-pitched whistle.

For our warm-up we decided to run around a bit, and by this point the excitement started building. AK72 (Adam) jumped too soon for a tree branch and missed completely. He recovered with a roll but those behind him were rolling with laughter. Once we'd settled down, our resident Japanese sensei (Kashell) had us go through stretches.

The first area we hit up had walls of varying heights and a playground built just so we could tear through it. Fellowsapien (Amir) and Zanadoo (Chris) attempted corralling everyone to separate into groups, and when that failed miserably, joined the confusion of traceurs exploring their element. Several of the traceurs there hadn't seen anything new or different in ages and were so overwhelmed by the possibility of creativity that they could not stay organized.

Techniques Practiced & Demonstrated:

Kongs: Jumanji was encouraged by Redspider to fine tune his Kongs and pull his legs in for a more efficient landing

Kongs to Dashes = Kashes: AK72 decided to sweep the bright blocks several times with this move of finesse

Kongs to Cat Leaps: Moe of the Auburn Crew was the first to complete this feat. Pure Determination to defeat the wall was all over his face

Double Kongs: Zerosigni (Cody) pushed himself to cover a double kong of over four feet high and six feet long

Dashes: "Simgar (John)" is all that needs to be said

Turn Vaults: A wonderful terrace by the water fountain in the park was great for turn vaults. This same terrace demonstrated the effectiveness of parkour: during a water break, all the traceurs on the terrace proceeded to "pk" themselves to safer land in a flood of movement. The traceurs on the ground prepared to run because of the rush of energy - all because of bee's nest that had forced even the mighty Redspider (Akil) to flee.

Wall Flips: Alex of Auburn the third biggest man at the jam proceeded with smooth wall flips. AK72 preformed a nice two step wall flip. Sweet Lou & Akil also managed to learn this skill thanks to the spotting of Zerosigni (Cody). As Akil put it, "you can teach old dogs new tricks!"

Flow through random rail placements: Martin (he’s the man), Julio, and Simgar moved through the railing arrangement in unique manners to work on flow and abilities when encountering unique obstacles. Streetviper helped some attain the "swing" of how to flow.

Muscle-ups on bars & walls: Zerosigni probably did 15 – 20 muscle-ups that day; Simgar demonstrated the muscle-up and techniques to strengthen the body for this essential yet difficult technique (if Simgar was a superhero, he would be technique-man)

During the run-through of the park, there was an ongoing challenge to reach the top of a 2 tier wall: one-handed and then with a double-handed catch. It was an interesting feat that challenged many. Many attempted, few were ready; those who fell by the wayside included Jumanji & DonkeyKong (Julius). Further down, the traceurs turned everything in their path into an obstacle to be conquered. Even the lowly 6' picnic table was not safe from numerous attacks, most of which came off with out a hitch - except for the few who underestimated the "slip factor" of pine straw. Ouch!

Oh yes - lest it is forgotten - prior to this, there was the much loved tree with many branches. And in true pk fashion, everyone wanted to be at the top, and with that the race was on with AK72 and Streetviper in the lead. Toekneebullard perfected branch precisions. Scott easily scaled the trunk of the tree, demonstrating his balance and skills that would continue to impress throughout the day. Then, as about 7 traceurs rested in the tree, an encounter occurred with what seemed to be a groundskeeper. He ordered the traceurs out of the tree and proceeded to scold the rest of us. All of a sudden, 25 traceurs were alleged boot camp attendees in a for-profit enterprise, attempting to harm a public tree. And yes, any further "damage" to said trees would lead to the boot camps' respectable dismissal from the park. Julius promised the keeper that we would leave "this" tree alone.

Following these events, the entire group ran a line through the field back to the playground to stretch and prepare for lunch. The group split into three - Team Thai, Team Willy's, and Team Disappeared:

Team Thai, Simgar, Kashell (Japan), Redspider, StreetViper & Anthony (a Howard University Alum), walked many blocks to sate their appetite. In this group it was discovered that Redspider, Simgar and Anthony are all Theoretical Metaphysists. Oh yes! Even the Comprehension of Alternate Dimensions did not elude our group and in the end we all were amazed at RedSpider’s ability to rap about computers. I hear an Overflux theme song?

Team Willy's began with a short walk to Willy's, and after taking up a huge block of the restaurant, began an exercise in hilarity. Conversation ensued about Jumanji’s Levitating Vehicles, David Belle’s superhumanly dense bone structure and package deliveries through the core of the earth. Explanations were shouted left and right, as the group envisioned phenomena like sitting in China and seeing two legs pop out of the ground and then disappear. There was also a discussion of the relativity and light and its relationship to Einstein. Who would have known traceurs are also geniuses (uh... isn't this obvious :)? And the question of the day was, "What happens if the person on the other end of the tunnel misses the package? And whose job would it be to climb down the ladder to get the stuck packages?" (Interesting how, many blocks away, Team Thai was discussing Einstein and Consciousness - coincidence?)

Piedmont Park 2

Following Lunch, the groups meet back at the stone wall in Piedmont Park and allowed the food to digest as they discussed Transformers. Yes, what is a community without discussing the latest movies? There was uniform sadness over Jazz’s destruction and a discussion as to how anyone could take a character with the name Bumble-Bee seriously. Jumanji simply rubbed his stomach. It was also discovered that Zerosigni takes gingko instead of bee pollen because the latter makes him irritable. Lucky for all of us, we all have our ears.

Then followed a warm-up followed by a high octane game of Rock-Paper-Scissors mixed with Parkour.

The Game:

Teams divided into two

Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who "it" is. (Never play against Fellowsapien, he reads your mind and always wins)

The game proceeds with the winners attempting to tag the losers, and once tagged they are assimilated into the team of winners

Methods of Safety:

Reach the Other Base

Perform 3 techniques (on different obstructions)


Drops are not techniques unless finished with a roll

A person cannot be tagged while in the middle of a technique

Spinks has some video of the Tag Game. v=MSCh4d-cRRw

The game was incredibly insane and confusing and ultimately did not work out the way it was supposed to because Sapien always won Rock-Paper-Scissors. But, it was crazy fun while it lasted.

After all the Piedmont festivities, another stretching period was to close the afternoon. Aligned in a circle, every person was supposed to give a stretch. The procession was soon interrupted by Redspider’s lecture on Flow and how "repetition is key". Somehow, this lecture led to a discussion of Martial Arts and methods to make it through an altercation. The first method was to hit the person in the soft part of the jaw, but as Julius felt hitting the nose would be more efficient, Zerosigni upped his ante to poking the eyes, which then progressed to ears being torn off and finally, blood chokes. The incredibly funny conversation caused Redspider to be on his toes, as he evaded even the slowest of gestures. Julius tried to bring the group back to stretching because he was proud of a stretch he came up with, sp the group returned to stretching for a good two minutes. Zerosigni then put Fellowsapien, in a semi-blood choke. Interestingly enough, Fellowsapien smiled through the entire ordeal (say it to my face so I can rip your ears off!).

Brent then lent his homestead to the Auburn Crew, Fellowsapien, Jumanji, Redspider, Zanadoo & Sweet Lou (let’s just call him Lou) for a relaxation in the pool. Things were all well until everyone realized the only person with a towel was Neromaj (Alex). So, they resorted to using the sun heated ground as a drying mechanism. It was quite an odd sight, but effective:


After a quick dinner and the rest session, traceurs congregated in Decatur for a night run from. This session was a stretch of the mind and body because of the previous activities. However, a good stretch previous to the run and the training itself proved effective, and everyone pressed through. They were joined by Shivy, who promised not to shank or shiv anyone.

Techniques Worked:

Underbars: This seemed to be the most trained technique
Tic Tac to Cat Leap

Vertical Jump: Important, because it tests ones ability to jump and pull their knees up to make the distance

Cat Leaps to Rails

Lazy Vaults

Kongs & Dashes & Kashes over irregular objects and confined spaces… such as the rounded mailboxes.

Precision Jumps

These continually entertained the inebriated Decatur residents. After a good workout of training and flowing through these moves the group took a run through the city at high speed, astounding the residents who started freaking out and yelling "what's going on!?!?". The paths varied and it was probably the most enjoyable aspect of the evening because everyone was able to stretch their legs and mold the environment to their desire.

Sadly, the time spent was not enough to demonstrate and show all that Decatur had to offer, but the experience was still awesome. Oh yeah, the pizzas slices at the Italian Place across from the church are jumbo slices and pretty good. A good place to hit up, with a punk rock kinda theme going on (but beware the she-males).

Following the run, everyone went to their respective places to rest. More than likely, everyone that showed up for the Final Day at Centennial Park slept like a log, except Toekneebullard, who had a wee-one to take care of.

Day 2

Centennial Park

The Final Measure, the Final Day, the Final Task, the End of the Jam of the Century took place at Centennial Park & the CNN Center.

Techniques Worked:

Tic Tacs: Tic Tac Challenge - the kick-off point on the wall is moved back periodically to force the traceur to push further and harder, until failure... Zero completed a tic tac from many feet away (O.B. – Older Brother of Spinks - asked if his next feat was going to be flying)

Cat Walks

Turn Vaults

Kongs to Precision: Rail to rock footing of statue, over odd-shaped monuments to a platform, top of wide stair railing to bottom platform (demonstrated By Redspider)

Running on Unfamiliar Terrain: Jumanji had the opportunity to run on the rocks

The first thing done upon Zerosigni’s & Jumanji’s arrival was go eat at the CNN Center. After a gyro, euro, hero, look-a-like wrap that was said to be Pita Bread, but may have well been a pancake wrapped around sausage, eggs & cheese, they proceeded to go train. The final day narrowed the numbers to 15 people with 3 new additions. As they walked, Zerosigni testified to the benefit of amino acid branching pills to help the digestive system and multivitamins in recovery and overall increase in health. O.B. talked about the disasters of creatine and the excessive peeing that it can produce.

So, after a good stretching period, the group (now including Whited & his running mates), ran down to practice the kongs to precisions found in the Atlanta Parkour video. The rail kong to landing on a small concrete footing some feet away proved to be a great opportunity for those there to practice in new environments. Everyone’s problems were different, but the other traceurs watched and gave encouragement and suggestions where needed. Martin & Julio were the first to grasp their weaknesses and defeat them following Zerosigni, who took one practice kong and landed the technique on the second try. Fellowsapien was unable to follow the "Rule of 3," and so decided that once was enough. AK nearly got it but his shoes slipped off and his hands slapped into shell-filled rock, which promptly ripped them open.

During this period, those who had never attempted kongs or precision kongs trained and learned the skill under the tutelage of the more experienced. It was a great learning experience. Following a good number of attempts, the group proceeded to kongs on higher obstacles and kongs on awkward objects. This proceeded for a while and different techniques and moves were used.

Eventually the group progressed into the turn vaults in another location. Zerosigni attempted to discover the height he could kong over set of stairs where a regular running jump would normally fail. Moving onward, Zanadoo mentioned the Tic Tac Challenge, which turned out to be a fun, personal challenge. People attempted some jumps and failed, and then found out how to overcome weaknesses. Shivy, for example, would fall then fix some aspect of the tic-tac and get further the next time.

The day ended with gap jumps to cats leaps to muscle-ups. Everyone finished and was dog tired. Even Redspider & Fellowsapien took rolls to take the walk to the commencement lunch. Naturally, we forgot to stretch. And that, my friends, was the Jam of the Century.

Until next time... keep training :)

Memorable Quotes


These are being highlighted here because they'd otherwise be lost in between many chatbox and forum posts...

StreetViper: So...Who's tired?

spinks4: lol, im not sore at all, except for my legs and arms and everything else

sweet lou: Dude...breathing even hurts right now... But omg, was the best experience of my life. You guys are amazing. (in another post): What a great first experience. It really was like a family. To those who couldn't come because of injuries, be more careful. For those who couldn't come because of parents, start enlightening them now, and for those limited by distance/rides start planning now. As I said, it was more than amazing. There was nothing that I did not enjoy. Even the heat and the cuts and scrapes just feel good after you realise what you accomplish. Thanks guys.

zerosigni: Guys great jam. I saw awesome improvement for many of you guys over jus the last 2 days. It was the best jam I've ever attended. Keep working hard and if you need any advise fell free to ask the community.

Fellowsapien: Incredible, everyone. Not to be gushy or anything, but this is the part where everyone feels proud to be a part of this community. Sorry for those who couldn't make it... but I think it'll get better every time... I think after watching some videos of ourselves looking like a big, happy, Overflux family, we'll have enough inspiration to train until another year.

ak72: Awesome Jam! It was a great experience!

whited: that was a great jam. thanks to everyone who helped me out

shivy: Thanks Amir. You guys have really gotten me motivated to get better!

maverick850: yea guys thanks for the jam, it was great meeting all of you. I learned alot from the first day that I went. cant wait till the next one.

zanadoo: Awesome weekend guys. Every single person who showed up as influenced me in some way and it'll definitely help my future training. See you boys around!

red spider: Wonderful Jam. Thanks to everyone that came out. Lets keep training.

toekneebullard: Well, I just want to say to everyone, it was tons of fun. It was really nice to meet all of you, and nice to see faces that don't have screennames attached to them.

kashell: I made new friends, and discovered the people of parkour... You guys are all absolutely incredible people, and I felt right at home amongst you. I was encouraged by our discussions with parents and other onlookers. We portrayed parkour as a positive experience, and we set the example for future parkour sessions and other traceurs. To the parents, the onlookers, and the traceurs: How awe-inspiring: to teach by example, then learn by doing, to take care of each other and pick each other up, to encourage with humour and friendship, and to lead through humility and reservation. That is the stuff of parkour.


"You can't do it because you're scared or because you have a vagina?"

"What if you send the package through the hole and when it comes out on the other side you miss it and you're like, 'AH @#&$ NOW I’ve GO TO WAIT FOR IT AGAIN!'"

"Cody, don't you find it interesting that music is coming out of your butt?"

"Yeah, I mean why rip off his ears when you can just kill his mother?"

"When you stretch you don't want to overflux your muscles."

"'This madness!' 'THIS IS OVERRRFLUUUUUXXX!!!!'"

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #7 on: August 19, 2007, 03:40:09 PM »

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Re: overflux's mega jam
« Reply #8 on: August 20, 2007, 06:39:55 PM »
Man...Sounds like a great jam! I missed out this year but I really hope you guys have it again it sounds like it was awesome!