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Planning of Jamm
« on: December 25, 2018, 02:14:28 AM »
Hello everyone,,

Perhaps this could be a sticky for people to post advice, hints, stories, and relate general wisdom in regard to planning jams.  I am taking on part of the responsibility for planning the Midwest Jam this year in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and we could certainly benefit from those of you who have hosted larger jams.  Here are some specific questions from me:

1) Did you jam at a university campus?  Did you need to do GoToMeeting IrfanView  Town of Salemanything official for it?  We don't want to get screwed out of our best training area, and we've already had run-ins with angry police officers, so we're looking to do this more officially and go to the U for permission.  Aside from Travis Noble's presentation, I'd love to hear stories or advice regarding success, failures, unexpected barriers, etc. 

2) A dilemma - All of this that we do, it's not really an official organization or business of sorts (except for maybe what Mark Toorock and the Tribe do), so how do we explain something as big as a national jam to authorities and official types?  We're an organized group from all over the country, connected by an internet forum, but can we go any further than that?  There should be some type of legitimacy to convince businesses, paranoid universities, etc.  Thoughts are appreciated.

Those are the two most pressing issues at the moment at this early stage of planning.  I look forward to any and all comments, and look forward to meeting all of you this summer in Minneapolis!
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