Author Topic: Infractions / "Scratches"  (Read 2996 times)

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Infractions / "Scratches"
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:25:04 AM »
Both the Seattle and Denver competitions ran in a format with "Scratches" for example if you touched the floor in a "Lava" area you got a scratch, in some cases there was an added time penalty, in some cases you simply got ranked only in the group of people who had the same number of scratches as you, so that the winner would have the lowest time out of the people with zero scratches, encouraging both speed and accuracy.

These need to be defined in a way which can easily be explained to competitors. Then, when a scratch is called, or more importantly dismissed by the judges, the entire field needs to be made aware of why the call was made, for example if there is a thick mat under a bar where someone lacher's and their feet brush it a judge may let it go, whereas if someone's fett drag or they are aided by the mat the judge may call it. Either way is fine as long as we have a definition which allows for consistency and fair play for all competitors.

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