Author Topic: Self-Taught VS Trained?  (Read 185 times)

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Self-Taught VS Trained?
« on: April 08, 2019, 03:43:06 AM »
Hey guys, I've been lurking here for 'bout a week or so, and I've recently gotten back into Parkour. I started it up last year, but took a summer vacation and when I came back I wound up having a full time job (as a call center technician. Ick.) Anyway, I wound up getting out of Parkour and such, but just recently I quit my job, and started going to practices with the only two guys in my area that do any Parkour and Freerunning. However, they're both strongly the "Mentor" types, and I'm more of the "beginner" level, so they feel the need to coach me. Which is all well and fine, but they tend to show off their skill level in comparison to my obviously-much-lower skill level, saying how "Easy" it is, how I should be able to do absolutely everything they know how to do already. It's a huge turn off to the whole feel of Parkour to me. So, here's the question, is it better to study videos, read up on techniques, and go out and practice by yourself? Or is it better to have someone there with you, teaching you and showing you, but in the most ass-hat way?

tl;dr: My training "partners" are more my self-proclaimed "teachers", and are jerks. Do you recommend self-taught, or learning from a teacher?