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Rolling Help
« on: December 06, 2016, 07:59:07 AM »
Its my first time posting on here, so i hope this goes well!

Anyway, so i have just started doing parkour. And i decided that the main thing i should learn is balance and the "safety roll" as i like to call it.
So i started on the roll, i first did it on a mat, and there was times where i felt pain and i bruised myself. And then there were times were there was no pain and it was more or less perfect. This is all normal right? Just wanted to reassure myself early on so i dont mess up.
So anyway, i then tried it on concrete because i wanted to get use to doing it on concrete and not the softness of a mat.
Anyway, after some tries i think i hurt myself quite badly on my shoulder, a little bit on my back and hip because i misjudge the roll.
Is there any way that i could more or less not get these pains and bruises? I tuck my head in looking towards my armpit, my arms help take the impact so my shoulder doesnt take the full impact, i am tucking my legs in and i roll diagonally. Yet i still feel pain at times. Of course, my roll isnt perfect, i understand that this takes time and effort and the concrete also helps, but do you guys have any tips for me? I just wanted to make sure that im doing everything right!
Thanks for reading  :)