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Climb up muscle and technique?


I'm new to parlour and I can't pull myself up  :'( so I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips or excersizes i can do daily to get strength and regular push ups dont cut it for me  :-\

The climb up is similar to a muscle-up, which is basically a combination of a dip and pull up. Pull-ups and dips are the best exercises for the climb-up
If you're new, I wouldn't worry if you can't get it right away.
There's a lot of other things to work on too, such as rolls, vaults, and (small) landings.
I hope this video helps a bit.

For pull ups specifically, I can suggest trying what are called negative pull ups.

Stand on something (or jump) so that you're already propped up to the highest position of a pull up. From there, slowly lower yourself for like four or five counts. These should eventually help build the strength to do pull ups.

Because if you think about it, the pulling yourself up part is actually only half the story. There's also lowering yourself back down. You can actually lower much more weight than you can lift. Just because you might not yet have the strength to pull yourself up, doesn't mean you shouldn't have the strength to slowly lower yourself in a controlled manner.

I used negative pull ups when I first started lifting weights this time of year six years ago. They helped me a lot with getting my first few pull ups down. Today, I usually do weighted pull ups as regular pull ups with just my body weight are too easy for me.

The thing is, I can do like 3 pull ups already but is there a specific technique on how to climb? I know you puch off with your feet, but that doesn't really help. The only way for me to climb is to kick off once and place my chest and elbows on top(which is really painful) . i also saw the video but the thing is I don't have a bar and the playground is always crowded with kids

I am learning to climb up at a very uneven wall so I dont slip.
You can train dips on the ground. Just higher your feet or place both, feet and hands, on chairs so you can lower in between. I liked to build a pile of books (this is unstable!) and place my hands on them so I can lower between them.
For the climb up itself, do, as already said, negatives to build the muscle, or do single parts, for example the kicking or pushing alone.
Have fun! :D


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