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Are wall runs possible?if so, how do you do them?

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So I'm just wondering I'm new to parkour and I've just been inspired by mirrors edge (lol) and I've realized that people never really 'wall run' im wondering is it possible? I can do so for 2 steps but is it possible to wall run for longer?

well  :P, i guess you could but i really don't see a point to a horizontal wall run, you're not really gaining anything from it distance wise, as far as you could "run" you can jump. So all in all, just jump the gap.

Yeah they are possible but not really necessary in most situations. Me and a friend practice them just so we know how to do it but I cannot think of an instance were I actually needed to do a horizontal wallrun.

Yes they are possible, If you look at my youtube channel "Patparkour" and look for the video forever running you will see that I do a wall to wall run. It is quite useful for rooftop gap overs if there is a surface you are able to run on. You start off with 2 steps at first then progress on. I can do at least 6 steps. The trick is to gain the right amount of speed (not too fast) and approach the surface at a much more of a diagonal angle, you wall to go more of up and over and you will soon to have your wall run with some practice.



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