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I can't seem to roll consistently without hurting myself. Help?


So basically, I can do 3-4 rolls in a row at most but in general I can't do it consistently. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall.

My Roll Format

* 1. I jump into a crouched position and put my hands in a diamond shape in front and and a little to the right of the foot opposite the shoulder that I am rolling over.
* 2. I turn my head in the opposite direction of the shoulder I will be rolling over.
* 3. I roll directly forward relative to my groin and chest.
I am pretty sure that I am doing something wrong, as I have already bruised both my shoulders quite badly and hurt my shoulder joints. (not permanently, don't worry) Anyway, I think I am doing some minor thing that is causing disastrous effects. Can anyone help me with my rolls? I really want to start parkour but I don't feel comfortable climbing and vaulting until I know that in the event of a screw up I can save myself with a safety roll.

If you are hurting your shoulder you most likely are not tucking enough when you roll.
If you would be able to film this for us it will be easier to help you with what you are doing wrong.
You can also start practicing vaults without having a roll down perfect. It takes a long time to perfect it. The basic movements of many vaults can be performed on the ground. You can also look for really small ledges or walls that are surrounded by grass to start practicing them too.


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