Author Topic: Starting Parkour Group, Manhattan, KS. (Fort Riley, KSU, Manhattan)  (Read 1364 times)

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So I have heard/know many people who keep talking about wanting to train Parkour in the Manhattan area but cannot find any active groups. So lets end this wishing and start doing. I am willing to organize and help setup a parkour meet up group in Manhattan KS for anyone who wants to come and train. Now I myself am just a beginning Novice at Parkour. However, I want to learn and do not want to continue to have to do this solo. So, IF anyone is interested then here is my call out:

"To all Traceurs or future Traceurs! If you are interested in meeting up and practicing Parkour then listen up. If you are a novice and want to work through learning this wonderful skill along side others then let me know! If you are an experienced Traceur and want a meet up to practice and/or helping the Novices get better at their craft then let me know. So if you are interested in meeting up then reply here or PM me and we can make this happen"
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