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Did this ever happen to you?

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for days upon days I knew exactly how to do parkour rolls basic version, today when I tried it I was messing up HORRIBLY bad, and had to get it right again, something was different then other days, I have no clue what, did my legs get stronger? did I lose some pounds? no clue, but something was different, like how I moved was slightly different, but I did get it down slightly again but not as good as before, so did this ever happen to you? its really odd.

Yup. Several times. Happened when I was learning opposite side rolls, and when I'd stopped training for a time

It can be as simple as you've stopped thinking about a part of the movement and are now no longer consciously doing something.

Most people untuck too soon (extending/flaring a leg), and other common issues are going completely relaxed. There is a difference between being relaxed & engaged, than tensed. The idea is to not be tense, but you still want to have good structure throughout.

Then there's pointing the roll. Very often you have people whipping around and clipping a hip because of what they do with their head; look at a fixed point in front of you as you roll, and try to come out looking at that point (aligns the spine and keeps it moving forward)

Either way this gives me time to relearn it, I just got a new way down, not really different, just I ain't collapsing on my shoulder anymore, and instead I go down to it right, I tried to get on both of my feet at once, just can't do it, not strong enough in my legs :( I got the position right once but nope, not happening right now maybe later xD

It took me 6 months solid work to get it down, so there's never a hurry :)

Coming out on both feet becomes easier the more moment you carry into a roll. If you try to do a roll very slowly it can be very hard to come up onto both feet.


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