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Hey everyone.
I am still a beginner so I'm really working on my roll technique. As of now, I'm scared of rolling on concrete and such because I seem to kinda slam into the surface as I'm rolling. Do I just need to land softer? Also, I sometimes roll directly on my shoulder before going back I stead of tolling on the back of my shoulder. Any suggestions or tips on how to make my form improve?

Fully extend your arms, positioning your hands so that they are together, tilting toward one another, parallel to your body. They should be about the width of your chest, no wider than your shoulders, at most. Bring them back and check. If they're farther apart than your shoulders, you should put them closer together.
Once you've got your hands positioned, bend down to the ground, crouching, and place your hands on the ground. Slide your head through your arms while bending your body. Use your arms to slow your decent, hit the safe spot on the back of your shoulder, and roll through.
If you place your hands in line with your shoulders, chances are you'll do a gymnastics roll.

I'm going to make this short sweet and painless, make sure you have enough forward momentum to counteract the downward kinetic energy, its a balance of motion. summary: forward negates downward.


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