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Brooklyn, NY
« on: April 11, 2015, 09:15:05 AM »
Well most of the topics in this section aren't really 2015 new and I'm not sure whose really active anymore but here's a new one..

As you probably guessed I live in brooklyn.., I haven't really tried to do any parkour what-so-ever but I would really like to begin.. i do play basketball so it's not like I'm a couch potato or anything but I'm 6'0 and somewhere between 155-170 I don't know the last time I weighed myself o.o ...

Nevertheless I'm looking for someone to practice/train/parkour with for I always work better and push myself more when I'm with someone else..

As far as like how far you live from me I don't care to much I'm sure we can meet up somehow I'm from Florida and recently moved here but from what I understand due to public transportation it's really easy to get from like brooklyn to Bronx or manhatten or something I'm willing to travel as long as you are to..

So yea..hit me up if you ever wanna link up and train together! Send me a text or reply on here! Thnx and have a good day :3? (321) 591 0784

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  • Need to train, winter is over and son is 7 months.
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Re: Brooklyn, NY
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 01:46:59 PM »
Hello GT,

Check out the basic fundamentals of parkour and play around with it.
Download the PDF to your phone so you don't have to keep going to the website.

You're in New York and that is great! You're going to be able to find Traceurs/Traceuses easily. Just do a bit of research for NY Jams and you'll probably find weekly to monthly meetings.

Don't push yourself to hard when starting because that'll just increase your chances for more fails/bails/falls. Practice these moves and look up instructions from others: Apexmovement, Fight or Flight academy, Ronnie street stunts, Jesse Le Flair, etc...

Remember to get the concept of each movement and practice them in a pace your comfortable with. Probably in a few months you'll go out and explore using the movements you learned. Then you'll begin to challenge yourself to do double kongs,  farther broad jumps with gaps, acrobatic flips and stunts.

Also be mindful that you're going to be on other people's property at times. They may not want to be liable if you get hurt so if they ask you to leave, do so. Treat people with respect and they will open up.

Anyways get out there and play because eventually you'll attract someone's attention and they may want to learn too.
Need to train.

In Williston, ND