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Oh...but my poor legs though


I'm no stranger to feeling some muscle soreness after a hardcore jam, but this is crazy...So I'm out in Burg (that's Reynoldsburg Ohio, in case anyone wants to run with me) and I'm running up the side of a school, cool beans. Get to the top and jump down on the other side, oh the drop was no more than fifteen feet, a little hard on the landing was I, but I kept on running. A few hours into my jam I noticed some tightness, meh I thought I'd stretch and keep going, didn't seem to bad. Got me some cold water and kept on running, jumped in the car later on, went home, ate a high quality recovery meal and slept.....that was two days ago and I can hardly walk. The pain in my thighs is not too bad, but it's like they are to weak to support me at first, I need to get my feet under me and adjust myself. I feel like it's just soreness from not running at all this winter, and just jumping right back in doing big drops and vaults like I never took a break, does anyone think I should see a doctor or just drink some water and give myself another day or two of rest? I've had some serious soreness but not like this, ibuprofen doesn't even really take the edge off.

Jameson McLeod:
My wife has told me this. Take note she is German.

Wife: Are you hurt? Are you bleeding? Are you dying? If any one of the three place your hand on the doorway.

Me: Nah, I'm fine never mind.

Besides that little story of how I shrug off pain.

Have you been taking vitamins and minerals before, through out winter, and now? Before going back into a Jam why didn't you gradually warm your body up for a few days to a week? Also you should do indoor work outs during winter.

Keep resting for now and drink plenty of water. Do light leg stretches(It'll help reduce some of the tension and don't over do it). Make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. If you're not taking vitamins and minerals please start taking them so you're not missing any important nutrition for your body. It'll probably be slightly painful but after a few days if your not feeling good then probably see a physician.

Hope the best* for you.


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