Author Topic: Totally completely new to parkour, drills?  (Read 1401 times)

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Totally completely new to parkour, drills?
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:38:15 AM »
Hey guys!

I have been interested in parkour for quite sometime and I have invested a little time (a week at most?) in a parkour gym/class but I am very self conscious so it was hard to ask questions etc. I have been learning the QM movements basic rolls and trying to lead up to vaults. What are some good drills for me to run on a day to day basis or every other day?

Thank you!

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Re: Totally completely new to parkour, drills?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2015, 11:37:15 AM »
Mobility and balancing stuffs. 

Full range pull ups
Full range push ups
Seeing a pattern yet?
Full range Dips
Full range squats

Basic stretching for hip and shoulder mobility

Handstands with a wall to get your form perfect

Walk a line of Duct tape and try not to fall off
Do the same thing with bent knees
Again the same with doing pistols

Jump and land on your balls of your feet and palms as quiet as possible (ninja skills)

Place 2 ft strips of duct tape on the floor , space them a foot apart up to 6ft and work on precisions   like this ->   | | | | | |

Practice your vaults on flat ground forward and reverse (think QM)

Just rock on your back shoulder to hip (practice both sides) then try to stand up forward and backward.  (great for your rolls just don't roll on your spine)

If all these are not your cup of tea check out this

Most of the basics of Parkour can be done on flat ground, you just gotta keep your mind and eyes open.

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