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Please Post your height and weigh maybe it can help

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I'm not comparing myself to others but I feel slow learner
I can do some vaults but in the 8th month I learned to kong---8TH MONTH!!!!!  :-Sarcasm
no flips, some tricks, just cartwheel , scoot and some easy free run movement

I wish I could learn more free run (tricking move's gainer's,etc) I can only do butterfly kick...  [WTF]
I always feel my body weigh is holding me back to do this tricks
I cant even flip...front back side.....

Im 5'6" tall and 160 pounds and I feel heavy should I go 135-145?


 I love to eat...

Dick Stapleton:
It's more about strength to weight ratio than the actual amount that you weight. I'm 5'11, 198 pounds and being heavy does slow me down a bit but I can still flip fine. The biggest problem in my experience is that landings are just more impact.

If you don't want to lose weight try getting stronger instead. Get on those squats, deadlifts, pull ups, and dips.

I'm 6'1" 145-150. I'm 16 however i am slowing my training because I'm starting to lift weights at school and i need to be full energy to do my flips etc. But I'm not trying to gain or lose weight I'm improving my strength to weight ratio like Dick said. There is no set weight. If you want to progress faster id say to do body weight exersices. I'm focusing on weights now not body weight (which i shouldn't be doing but i want more muscle mass) so just do pullups. invest in a 15-20 dollar pullup bar to put above your door. i have one and i use it everyday it helped so much. i can now do muscle ups which are regular pullups and after that you extend your arms so where your hands and everything upwards is above the bar. it helped my climb up speed and strength and much more. So get a pullup bar you wont regret it

Dick Stapleton:
There's nothing wrong with weights, man. They took my broad jump from 6 feet to 9 feet, fixed my knee and back pain, and made my landings infinitely better. Bodyweight or weight isn't that significant, both are just tools and it's more about how you do them and how much you eat. You can put on a ton of mass with bodyweight training, and you can get strong either way. For the lower body, though, weights are arguably a superior tool.

You might also benefit from putting on some muscle. Strength to weight isn't all about having the lowest bodyweight possible. You need some muscle as well or you'll be undershooting your potential. Also being able to lift heavy things is just a useful life skill.

Mr.Curly Parkour:
I'm 5'5" and I weigh some where around 155 or 160, my license says 175.


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