Author Topic: Benefits of official campus clubs?  (Read 1358 times)

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Benefits of official campus clubs?
« on: February 04, 2015, 07:24:01 PM »
My friend and and I are wanting to form an official college PK club on our college campus.  So far we have not managed to garner amount of people committed to starting it that would be necessary to start the process.  Once we do, though, we will have some hoops to jump through...not literally, though....that would be fun!  This has me wondering...what is the trade-off?  The club would inherently be a means of promoting the sport and spreading awareness.  That right there is enough for me.  However, I wonder if there are any other benefits to being officially recognized as a club by your campus.
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Re: Benefits of official campus clubs?
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2015, 09:43:00 PM »
It depends a lot on the school itself and how your relationship with them turns out. It also depends on how security feels about parkour. Basically if you're at a school where you can train all over and nobody cares then it isn't exactly necessary to be recognized by the university.

Benefits of becoming an official club are that you can most likely get permission to train either all over campus or at specific locations. With this permission you won't have to worry about getting kicked out or getting in trouble. Another benefit is that you'll be recognized online so people will be able to find out that it exists more easily. You'll also potentially (though not guaranteed) be able to negotiate a budget for trips, shirts, and other expenses. Not to mention if you have an official club it's more likely to last once you graduate than just having a group of guys who train together. Look into the APK university program. I honestly don't know much about it, but I believe they help people start college clubs and my school is part of the program.

The only drawback I can think of is that if you approach them with the idea of a parkour club and the university is against it they may officially ban it. I don't think that's very likely, but it is possible. You may also have to be willing to negotiate some conditions. At my college, for example, we're only allowed to train when the club is in session with a session leader. We also have to wear certain shirts that we leave in the Rec center and have a med bag with us at all times. That and there are certain spots that we're prohibited from training at. They aren't too strict about the shirts, especially since we're not obtrusive, but that's not particularly relevant. So if your college seems opposed you can try to offer those suggestions to make them feel more comfortable.