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Parkour Roll
« on: February 22, 2014, 05:37:44 AM »
I have a question about the parkour roll. When performing this techniques do you first land on your whole feet then enter the roll or land of your tiptoes?
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Re: Parkour Roll
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 07:08:12 AM »
Depends on what you mean. You never really land on your toes or your whole foot. You should always land on about the middle of the balls of your feet first, and use your leg muscles to resist the momentum of the fall. If you're rolling out the landing this May or may not result in your heels touching the ground before you recoil out into a roll. It depends on your calf strength, forward momentum, and how big a drop you're taking. From a hight I'm comfortable jumping off, only about 4ft, on a padded gym floor, my heels just touch the ground lightly, if at all before I recoil off and roll.
I hope you aren't jumping off of anything very big if you're asking this question. I learned the hard way that poor technique and lack of conditioning combined with large drops is hard on the knees.

These two videos were very helpful to me. This one:
Teaches the basic landing and safety tap, which you want to be good at both before you start trying a roll landing.

This one:
 teaches the reverse blocking into a roll. As it says it is for advanced people, and you should not attempt drops like the one he demonstrates without years of training. Seriously, practice with little drops or none at all.
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Re: Parkour Roll
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2014, 03:19:51 PM »
Like Durandalski said, your more trying to land on the balls of your foot than you toes. If you need help feeling where this is, take of your shoes and try it some small drops, you'll feel where it should be fairly quick. Most people when they first start learning about drops think landing on their toes is best, because their foot is fully extended that way, and so has more range to move, thus having more room lessen the impact. The problem with this that your foot is created to tighten as the toes are pulled up. This allows your foot to be somewhat lose, and absorb more impact when running, but when you need to push off the ground, it tightens, giving you more power ( ).

If you try landing a drop on your toes, your foot will be all tightened up, and while it would do an excellent job of saving your knees, it would totally murder the bones in your foot and ankle. Because of this, if you land on the balls of your foot, your foot will be lose enough to absorb impact, but still have room to absorb the landing without transferring it all to your knees. Note that this holds true whether your landing with or without shoes.

Quick note on drop height, until you've had several years of training to toughen the cartilage in your knees, a good rule of thumb is to not take a drop taller than you, and don't take a drop higher than you can jump up without rolling. I've noticed that you enjoy the assassin's creed series (I enjoyed pretty much all of them except the first, brotherhood, and revelations). However, do not try taking drops like you are capable of in the game. May seem pretty obvious, but when I first started parkour I thought that with proper form drops like that were possible, even to a beginner (thankfully I could never get the courage to do perform one, but I still took drops way higher than I should have).

I hope all of this made sense, and its also more than possible that I may have a few things wrong in there, I'm not an orthopedist.