Author Topic: Weird Pinkie Toe Injury  (Read 1517 times)

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Weird Pinkie Toe Injury
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:35:19 PM »
About a month ago, I was practicing flips in an open gym. Mainly in the foam pits and occasionally on the tumbling trampoline which ends with a foam pit/pad. Normally I'd have no problems... But, I hurt my toes on my left foot. Later, about 2 weeks, Almost all the pain was gone, all but for my pinkie toe  :( In all honesty i know i should have stopped wayyy earlier than i did, but i can tolerate pain so i pushed through... which lead to mystery toe pain. I'm not sure i twiked it (i think if that was the case then it would've healed by now) or if i ripped the toes muscle (not sure if possible) or broke the toe (probably would hurt more though). so with that in mind, heres the full story.... After i felt some pain, i kept on, intill i was just about to go into a italian job (rail flow thingy) when i just felt my pinkie toe just (its really hard to describe) kinda rip / tear / popish (probably the 1st two) i didnt even get to do my flow thing :( haha because i was in extreme pain. i just crumpled and lay with a cold water bottle for like 20 minutes on my toe trying to do my megger attempt at 1st aid :P after that i stumbled around and tried to put some preasure on it but it hurt like hell. 1st, i have not felt the reverse pop / rip that i would think would indicate it going back into joint (just in case it popped out) 2nd, its gotten better but its been a month :(  3rd, precisions, wall runs (with my left foot) still hurt, ect. 4th, I really want to get back into hard training.
PLEASE people I need some info on this, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TOE!!!!!!
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