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New to tricking
« on: May 07, 2013, 06:36:20 PM »
Hey guys, so I've been into parkour for a little while and I'm decent, I've always wanted to trick but never knew where to start. Right now I have frontflips, axe websters, running websters, sideflips, back tucks, back layout, wallflip, pretty much the basics. So the other day I landed my first running webster and was like pumped out of my mind and threw a j step gainer in the grass for the first time ever and landed, never tried it in the gym or anything, please take a look at them and let me know how to improve, I know I need to kick higher but It's really hard (any tips?). I would like to maybe do a gainer flash or cheat gainer/moon kick eventually, is that realistic? sorry for the rant, just landed this trick and I'm pretty excited haha