Author Topic: Flint Jam - Wind Runners  (Read 2382 times)

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Flint Jam - Wind Runners
« on: April 03, 2013, 09:02:49 PM »
Hey everyone,  my team and I are planning a jam in Flint near the University of Michigan-Flint campus.  There would be an area for public parking and we have a nice place all set up - it is where we train as a team.  The date for the jam would be somewhere between May and July.  Before we set something in stone we wanted to hear from the community a bit and see who all would be interested and when the best time would be.

So, if anyone would be interested let us know and tell us a time/month that would work best.  Also, the park we would be at is listed under the Hotspots for, but I will show the pictures below.