Author Topic: Help Teach To Overcome Obstacles  (Read 4962 times)

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Help Teach To Overcome Obstacles
« on: March 30, 2013, 05:30:08 AM »

Help Donate.

Ellsworths' Parkour Park would be a park for all ages. Kids are drawn to Parkour, because it’s an extension of what they do naturally: play. What we give them are obstacles, challenges, and the discipline to grow.

Physical benefits: Parkour practitioners are called Traceurs. As a system of fitness training, Traceurs condition themselves to improve strength, speed, agility, coordination, stamina, endurance, and precision. When a simple set of railings becomes a playground, a gym, and a public stage; lifelong fitness becomes accessible to everyone regardless of resources.

Mental benefits: Parkour is also a mental exercise that builds confidence and creativity. Obstacles and barriers become opportunities and new paths. The first time a person, regardless of age, balances on a rail or vaults a bench, their perception changes. Their confidence builds. Parkour helps us see new ways to creatively use our environment to challenge ourselves, while encouraging respect for training grounds and responsibility in facing fears.

Remember playing "the ground is lava" as a child, jumping from curb to curb and clambering over obstacles so that your feet never touched the ground?

Parkour teaches us to concentrate on incremental improvements and development within ourselves. It’s not about making big jumps—it’s about developing gradually better landings. It's not about compensating for bad technique with padding or safety equipment—it's about starting with what we are comfortable with and progressing within our limits. And it’s about being prepared, learning to check our landings before we even jump at all.

It would be a place for the community to gather, and we would be intentional about building relationships with the park’s neighbors.

Ideally, the park would have:

     •     Plenty of open space
     •      Mats to prevent injury
     •      Wooden Vaults to vault over
     •      Foundation or retaining walls for climbing
     •      A rail system for swinging