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I was just looking for the different types of training people do basically I'm asking you this what do you do when you go out to train do you play games if so what do you play and how I want to try and cover what everyone's trying to achieve when they go out to train and how.

Joshua Lehmiller:
Lately, I've been doing lots of repetition. Get a movement down, then repeat it at least 15 times--maybe as many as 50, depending on the movement.
So far, I think it's been effective.

Oliver Wegner:
I would say I have at least four different types of training, which all serve another purpose.

First of all, there's the repetition of single movements. I look for obstacles where I can train a certain move and try to improve it. Then, when I feel i've did evough, I go to another spot and train something different.

In contrast to this, when I train alone I often decide to go for a run. Then I move through my environment without and particular destination and overcome every obstacle in my way. It's a good way to increase endurance and work on flow, but not suitable for pushing your boundaries, doing huge jumps etc., as this would be too dangerous when you are already exhausted from running.

As a warm-up and sometimes as a whole training session (when I train with one of my friends who goes climbing regularly), we play a game. Both of us try to get as far as we can without touching the ground. This included climbing, doing precisions between walls (you are allowed to step on them) and simply being as inventive as possible. It's a very good way of training grip and pulling strength, slowly warming yourself up for more challenging and fast movements and just having fun. However, it doesn't improve your speed or flow, as it's quite slow.

And finally, on nice summer days, I sometimes spend the whole afternoon with some friends training, chatting, eating and drinking and enjoying the weather. We do a LOT of training on these days, but with longer pauses in between. At the end of the day, I feel totally exhausted and happy. I think this is the best method of training, but it needs good weather, friends to train with you and a day without work, so it's not always possible.

Ryan A. Vetter:
Muscle confusion and alternating days. I run everyday. I stretch everyday. I deliberately go across the street to vault over a flower box, because I want smug self-satisfaction. I call it marking, if I can do something on it, over it, or around it it's mine. If somebody else tries that I'll slit their... No, then it's a challenge and they better be dishing to serve heaping amounts of respect to me,. That or I may as well be ready for a bit of humility.

Spencer Young:
We play Precision Tag at one spot. Basically find an area that has noob friendly precision jumps (3-6ft across, 1-2 ft drops) and play tag. If one person touches the ground (lava) when avoiding the it person, then they are automatically it. I'll get a video of this next year sometime.

Cops and Robbers
Pick your go to training spot and play cops and robbers. ALL movements have to be Parkour related, no walking up stairs; however, you may kong/monkey them.


The link to my blog also has some ideas as well. Have Fun!!


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