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Movie Interview
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:10:36 AM »
hello all the reason why i posted to do interviews was not for a research project but for a movie project.  I'm an amateur screen writer and would like my first feature revolve around parkour.  Being that i know absolutely nothing about parkour i figured the best way to learn is to interview a few.  I would like to try and do the interviews this thursday and friday so i can get to writing the script.  I'm thinking we can meet in a public place so everyone feels comfortable.  the interview shouldnt take long probably 10-20 mins tops.  If you are interested please leave a message in my inbox, or an e-mail at  I also forgot to mention that i'm going to enter this script into several screen play competitions as well and hopefully it will be a smash hit.  Also if a movie will be made from the script i will not forget those who helped me create it ( for all you who dont know this means you may land a spot in a movie and be credited) ;D
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