Author Topic: 1930's Parkour  (Read 803 times)

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1930's Parkour
« on: December 23, 2011, 04:58:11 PM »
The video starts weird but it's pretty good and has some real parkour. Thought it was pretty cool, I found it on's Facebook. He also posted some background info: His name was Arnim Dahl. (12. March 1922- 3 August 1998) -Was the most popular stuntman from Germany.
P.S: the video isn't mine.

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Re: 1930's Parkour
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2012, 03:00:11 PM »
Not to necro this but the curiosity got the better of me.

The footage you're watching is from an old documentary called "Gizmo!" made in 1977 (The footage itself is actually from the 1930's, but was featured in stunt reels primarily until compilated into "Gizmo!" in the 70's).

The man climbing the tree, and eating dinner, pretty much up until the train is called John Ciampa, an Italian-American, his stage names include Human Fly, Flying Phantom, and The Brooklyn Tarzan.

 His footage was included in the "Gizmo!" film uncredited, and spliced with Arnim Dahl (Who was the man from the train onward). Dahl was credited with Ciampa's work here (Without the permission of either man.)

That being said, I wonder how he must have felt? Ciampa lived to 1994, so he lived to see Parkour gain some of its popularity. Can't imagine how it felt to see what he loved to do since childhood explode like that.