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Patrick's training log (comments welcome)
« on: December 02, 2011, 02:07:19 PM »
So I'm starting one of these. I want to try and train something every day I'll eventually start adding my diet here as well.

Yesterday I went and trained outside. Drlled vaults, tick tac to cats, climbups an nailed a mini course I've been failing for a semester.

Then I went to the gym after being gone for month.
Squat 115 x 10
           125 x 5
           135 x 5
           145 x 5(all easy I just took it easy after being out so long)
             Between each set I stretched and did 5 pull ups
Deadlifted for the first time
Warm up with bar
 95 x 5
135 X 5
Not much but I have never done it before and had no idea where to start.
Then because I didn't want to stop
Two sets of 10 curls with 70lbs
10 bw dips followed by 9 dips bw+15 and ten more bw and 10 pull ups
Then ABS with oblique v ups with 25 lbs 50 leg raises  and l-sit for Max time. Don't know what that I cause I didn't have a timer.

Then went upstairs and worked on rolls, handstands, and wall flips.

So I know that this is very messed up. If I had more money I would buy starting strength or Stevens book but I don't. Anyone have any tips for me as far as weight training goes. Are there any good free workouts I can follow online.

And I know that I'm not supposed to work everything in one day but it felt great to be doing something and I couldn't stop.

O and I'll add my measurements when I can take them. Resting BP and HR weight height and so day cholesteral and bf percent.

Also are hang cleans effective I like doing them but do they serve a purpose? And are jump squats dangerous or useful?
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