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Stevie Leifheit:
We just recently added the new feature of embedding videos!

The process of embedding a video might seem obvious, but it's actually kind of tricky. So here are some instructions.

1. Click on the youtube icon in the features menu-its right next to the insert image icon.

2. When you click the icon this code should appear on the screen: [youtube=][/youtube] (without the = sign in the first pair of brackets. I had to have that there or the site won't show the text without a proper youtube link in it.)

3. Now that you have the [youtube=][/youtube] text on the screen, copy the url of the video you want to embed. Copy and paste it in the middle of the [youtube=][/youtube] text. So it will look something like this: [youtube=][/youtube]

4. The next step is to delete all the video url code up until right after the first = sign. THIS IS REQUIRED. So after the unnecessary url is deleted, it'll look like this: [youtube=]WEeqHj3Nj2c[/youtube]

Without the = sign of course :P

So if you've done everything correct, the video should be watchable right from your post like this!

Pretty sexy, right?

Garrett Oden:
Woooooo!!!  ;D
I've been waiting my whole life for this.


Let me see..

good parkour guys


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