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2011 Philadelphia Parkour Games
« on: October 09, 2011, 08:10:05 PM »
The Write-Up
On Saturday, October 8, over 30 competitors, along with dozens more spectators and fellow practitioners, came together to test their mettle in the first ever, first of its kind, Philadelphia Parkour Games. Taking place on the legendary East Entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka The Rocky Steps), the Games consisted of three explosive rounds of Parkour-inspired action followed by a Freerunning Jam. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and, better yet, there wasn't a single significant injury. Everyone had a blast and it was a blistering, challenging test of physical and mental abilities.

Parkour Winners
1st Place - Niko Nieves
2nd Place - Chris Wilczowski (representing The Warrior Lab)
3rd Place - James Ortiz

Freerunning Winners
1st Place - Kyle Spevak
2nd Place - Keither Hornberger (representing The Warrior Lab
3rd Place - Mike Spangler (Tie)
3rd Place - Ryan Spangler (Tie)

Basics Guidelines
Winners were determined via a points system. 1st place time in each round got 10pts, 2nd place got 7pts, and 3rd place got 5pts. The runner with the most points at the end of all three rounds was the overall winner, followed by runner-up and second runner-up.

Round One: Speed - Competitors are given time to plot a route through the course that allows them to collect six objects (and a seventh optional) from various points and return them safely to the finish line. Items consisted of...
  • 2kg. medicine ball
  • Tennis ball
  • 1lb. Sand-filled ball
  • Small flag
  • Bandanna
  • T-shirt
  • Empty duffel bag - optional (could be used to carry items)

Round Two: Improvisation - Competitors were not allowed to see the course ahead of time and remained separate until their turn to run. When the signal was given each competitor came around the corner of the wall, revealing the layout of the course for the first time. He/she then collected five bandannas from designated spots around the course and brought them safely back to the finish line.

Round Three: Rocky Challenge - The original challenge for Philadelphia practitioners. Competitors began on the highest block of the fountains at the top of the Rocky steps. Following a straight line over, down, and up the blocks, competitors cut a path to the bottom, touched the statue at the bottom of the steps, and returned to the start line. No tricks, no fancy moves, just a straight burn to the finish.

A Freerunning Challenge was also held, consisting of a jam-style rotating series of runs. The first runner had 30sec to throw down a flowing, impressive run. Immediately after this the next runner went and also had 30sec to fly. Once the entire roster was cycled through the first runner went again and so on, until all runners had received three-30sec rounds. Winner was decided through popular vote on the sum of all three of his/her rounds.

Entry was FREE and winners of the PK challenges received $45, $30, and $20 respectively. Winner of the Freerunner Jam will receive a free Philly Parkour T-Shirt, compliments of David Jones.

To view all competitors times and results, please follow this link. 2011 Philadelphia Parkour Games - Results

A video edit, also compliments of David Jones, will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Re: 2011 Philadelphia Parkour Games
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Re: 2011 Philadelphia Parkour Games
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Great Event Great Video