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KOREA FreeRunning Parkour Federation - KFPF established
« on: September 15, 2011, 07:54:39 PM »
Hello. My name is Jiho Kim from South Korea.

I`m General Manager of KFPF (

About KFPF

 What is KFPF?
 KOREA FreeRunnning Parkour Federation (KFPF) was established in 2010. All of south Korea pk/fr groups and teams got together and allied.

 Our Goal
Most of Korean called this art 'Yamakasi' . Because one of the Korea Parkour Group 'Yamakasi KOREA (Owner : Young Min Kim)' using mass media and spread wrong term 'Yamakasi'. Young Min Kim want to establishing own sports and using traceurs, freerunners for money.

 So, Lots of Korean Traceurs and FreeRunners rolled into one(KFPF). And reverse the 'Yamakasi Korea'

 KFPF`s mission is spread the right term 'Parkour' and 'FreeRunning' in Korea, develope next generation and right parkour information for awarness of parkour(Most of Korea older generation think that parkour is theif art and poor sports).

 Our Work
 1. Grand JAM    2. Mass Media Activity   3. KFPF MEDIA :     4. Produce PK/FR item   
5. Supply right parkour Tutorial and knowledge

About KFPF Managers

* General Manager : Jiho Kim 
   - Parkour Since 2004
   - Soong Sil Univ. Student (Major in Entrepreneur&Small Buiseness)
  - First Korean visit to 'Lisses' and succeed 'Man Power Gap'
   -  Founder of first Korea parkour/freerun group 'Team REAL'
 * Co Manger : HyunGeon (Aka. Hyun Doyle)
   - Parkour Since 2006
    - Leader of Team ENTER
    - Most famous and excellent traceur in Korea :
General Manager 'Jiho Kim'   
Mobile: +82-10-7317-8766
Co Manager 'HyunGeon Yu'
Mobile: +82-10-9279-9430

<KFPF register Korea Team/Groups>
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Re: KOREA FreeRunning Parkour Federation - KFPF established
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 05:05:08 AM »
That is amazing guys.  Congratulations!
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