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Jump City: Seattle
« on: August 15, 2011, 11:02:45 AM »
In Jump City: Seattle 4 teams competed.

The Tribe:
Billy Skipper Hughes
Michael Frosti Zernow
Travis Graves
Jereme Sanders

Tempest Freerunning:
Levi Meeuwenberg
Brian NoSole Orosco
Paul Diddy Darnell
Caine Sinclair

Miami Freerunning:
Adrian Gonzalez
Jared Woods
Albert Spider Valladares
David Youngflip Rodriguez

Team Rogue:
Dylan Baker
Jake Smith
Drew Drechsel
Korey Sarvis

There were 6 "regular Season" events, a semi finals and the finals.

Week 1: Tempest Vs. Rogue - Team Tempest
Week 2: Tribe Vs. Miami Freerunning - Tribe
Week 3: Rogue Vs. Tribe - Rogue
Week 4: Tempest Vs. Miami - Tempest
Week 5: Tempest Vs. Tribe - Tempest
Week 6: Rogue Vs. Miami - Rogue
Semi Finals - Tribe Vs. Rogue - Tribe

Finals: Tempest Vs. Tribe - Team Tempest.

There are lots of details on the wiki page here:

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