Author Topic: Tricking: Loopkicks Final Battle 2011 Unito v. King of ConneXionZ v. NTBS  (Read 616 times)

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Here's my footage from the Loopkicks Camp Final Battle 2011:

The teams are Unito (Finland) in the far left corner, King of ConneXionZ (Korea) in the near corner, and NTBS (Ohio) + Scott Skelton (Australia) in the far right corner.  These are some seriously amazing trickers.  It was sad to me that there were only 2 of us from the freerunning community there that night, but whatevs.  I went back the next night and tricked with everyone at the gathering.  Great experience, glad I tried something new.


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seriously looked awesome.

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Vellus combos are so clean
I like Tricking and Free Running, i don't think i actually do parkour, because i do it for fun and self expression, which would change the term to free running.