Author Topic: Philadelphia Parkour presents: The Souderton Jam, 2011 AUGUST 14TH, 2011  (Read 2786 times)

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The 1st annual Souderton Parkour Jam, in association with Philadelphia Parkour.

At 1PM, we will all be meeting at my dad's place (address above). Will wait until 1:30 or so to make sure everyone is there, but try your best to be early if you can.

One awesome thing about Souderton, is that all of our awesome spots are within short walking distance of each other, so your legs won't be worn out by anything other than Parkour ;)

For anyone who knows any of the spots I train at through videos, you will definitely be training in these areas. Two of the main spots are the abandoned High School courtyard, and my very own Parkour training area! We'll also be exploring and checking out as much as possible, for sure.

Depending on if enough are attending, we will also set up a BBQ at the end of the day.

As far as transportation goes, you can get right to my house from Philly through SEPTA, by taking the Lansdale line from Philly to Lansdale, then getting Bus 132 to Telford.. Link here: LINK

TO ANYONE WHO IS DRIVING FROM PHILLY/JERSEY. Carpooling would be greatly appreciated, we want as many people here as possible!

If you have any questions, feel free to either contact me here, my email, or at my Facebook.


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Seems legit do you know if anyone from jersey is carpooling???
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