Author Topic: INTERNATIONAL PARKOUR DAY JAM / Saturday, June 4th / 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM  (Read 1374 times)

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The International Parkour Day jam for Connecticut!  It'll be held in New Haven as there are sick spots there :)

We'll be meeting at the big fountain circle thingy at the New Haven Green at around 12, and then we'll do light training and warmups there waiting for everyone to show up until 1ish.  From there we'll move around New Haven as a bunch of the community trains there and they can lead us around. There's some sick spots around and some of the more active NH traceurs can lead us to some of the hidden gems haha. Gonna be a nomadic event lol.

We'll end at 6:00 or whenever we get tired lol.

Bring lots of water, a little backpack, snacks, and money if you want?

Hit me up at (203)-908-5854 if you need help finding us.  Some of the people who know NH better can also post their numbers too.

If there's anything I forgot let me know.

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I just moved to Norwalk so it would be sweet to meet everyone at the event, but unfortunately I have to go to the DMV all day and get my new license :(

I'll try and come to the next event!
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