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T-Shirt Sizes/Shrinking
« on: November 07, 2011, 05:00:12 PM »
I like your products, and I like to wear them. However I can't wash them without them shrinking, rendering them unwearable without looking awkward. The most recent time I purchased a t-shirt from you guys I actually visited Primal Fitness and bought one. When I got home I washed it because I wanted to wear it again. It had shrunk A LOT. Now normally when this sort of problem occurs, I buy larges. I tried that one time, and the shirt was much too wide and not much longer. I'm a pretty skinny guy, and I don't like my shirts wide. I prefer my t-shirts to be slimmer and sort of hug me, if that makes sense. My suggestion is to add slim-fit shirts to the store, if at all possible.

Has anyone else had problems with this/ have tips to get my shirts to not shrink?
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