Author Topic: INTERNATIONAL PARKOUR DAY JAM!!! 6/4/11  (Read 3120 times)

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« on: May 23, 2011, 02:07:15 PM »
There is going to be the biggest parkour jam Tennessee's seen yet on International Parkour Day. Everyone needs to come! The last jam we hosted was a big success! Two photographers, two videographers, and 15 traceurs! But that won't be enough for this jam. We want a turnout of 40+ traceurs for this jam. ANYONE can come regardless of skill level or age, or even location (You don't have to live in Tennessee to come- we had some people from Arizona join us last time!). So everyone that came last time bring a friend, and everyone else join us for a jam you won't want to miss!!!

What- The largest parkour jam TN has ever seen.
When- 6/4/11, 11:00-6:00(or whenever we get tired). Beginners and those wanting to learn must arrive at 10:00 to learn the basics of parkour before we get started, for YOUR SAFETY!
Where- 201 2nd Avenue N, Nashville, Tn
Who- MTPF, Motive Movement, RR, and YOU.

We hope everyone who sees this can come out, and if you can't, tell someone you know about this!!

P.S.- Bring swimsuits. Odds are after the jam is over to cool off we'll go bridge jumping, or put a trampoline next to a pool and flip into the pool, or both.

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