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How to kong vault a picnic table longways?

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Alright so here's a little backround info first. I've just recently gotten back into parkour, I used to do it in 8th grade but now i'm a Junior coming back to it. It's the 4th day of training and my friend and I have gotten back our monkey, kong, thief, and lazy vaults back.Along with the wall climb, land and roll on grass(tried on concrete but hesitated and hurt like a bitch) I'm still working on kash.

But yeah so I can kong the picnic table regular, but from the side where it's longer it's giving me some problems. Today I was feeling confident so I did a few attempts which ended up with me making it only halfway through. So I decided to just go for it and I dived as far as I could and I guess had too much lateral force which caused my palms to slip off the table and somehow ended with me bailing falling hard with my back to the floor. So i'm wondering, do I need to go up and sort of go down when doing a long distance kong? Sort of like a curve? Or was that traction loss just a random problem?

Sounds like the problem is that you're going for too much too soon.  If you give yourself a few months you will be much better prepared for it.  Patience and hard work pay off.

That said, there are a few things you want to do and keep in mind.  Since we don't have a video to see, it's hard to say what specifically you need to work on, so I'll give a couple general tips and principles for long kongs.

1 First of all, you should absolutely be using a split foot take-off.  No punching.
2 Speaking of the approach, you'll need speed and commitment.  Long, smooth strides in your run-up will help tremendously.  If you are stutter-stepping, fix that first before attempting the vault.  Fix the stutter step on a similar vault you already have mastered, such as an easier kong.  Make sure you're using efficient movement of the arms that helps you gain momentum, rather than robbing you of it.
3 This may seem a bit obvious, but dive as far as you can and get your hands as far back on the object as possible.  The farther your hands are, the easier it is to clear.  If you're not clearing it yet, try working on just getting your hands further and further each time while still landing with one or two feet touching down, then smoothly kong down off the table.  As you do that, increasing speed and hand distance each time, you may find that once you unexpectedly clear it.
4 Get your hips high.  They should be slightly over your head as you hit the apex of the leap, but not way above your head.
5 Practice, practice, practice --- but not until you break yourself.  If you've tried it 10-20 times in one session and you're still not getting it, perhaps today isn't the day.  You can always go work on something else for awhile and come back to it.  I find when I do that, my head is cleared and it's easier.  Many things though, I walk away from and don't try again for a few days, months, and sometimes if it's in another city or state I may not try again for years.  When I'm supposed to pass that obstacle, the opportunity will arise.

Good luck.  I hope my tips helped.

steve dahlin:
run fast, and dive for the end of it, jumping into handstands helps get you mind comfortable to dive kong

Scared Doggy:
Brett gave you plenty of good advice, so here's a tutorial for you that really helps with the kong vault(including diving kong):

Brett explained it pretty dog-on near perfect! That's almost exactly what my friend/parkour instructor/jam buddy explained it to me.

It really helps to gain confidence by diving into it and putting your arms out like you're about to kong the table, but instead of following through the vault you put your feet on the table before you clear it. Keep practicing that until you can do that with your best friend, muscle-memory then work on pushing your feet over the rest of the table. If you can get very very close, tell yourself you've made progress, drink a boat-load of water, and sleep well. Sleep helps you master things, trust me. Then work on it again the next day. You should master the kong in a matter of days, a week at most if you practice like that everyday. Then you wont have to think about the vault, you can just do it.

Hope I was helpful to your mission. Good luck, man!


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