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Stevie Leifheit:
In an effort to help teach, give pointers, and instruct each other on how to create and maintain an active and healthy community, Alec came up with the great idea for this forum. So I think it'll be helpful if we all were familiar with each other. So give us some basic info on who you are, where you're from, and an other info you think we should know!

I'm Steve, I live in the wonderful goodness of Maine. I've been doing parkour for about a year and a half now. My community is still fairly small. I train with a few friends fairly frequently. I'm trying to enlarge my community by teaching a parkour class at a local gym.

EDIT: Also, you can find contacts through this list: (Thanks, Matthew Willis!)

Current list:


* (Mesa, Queen Creek) Kyle Reiniger
* E-mail:
* (Pheonix, East Valley, Chandler/Ahwatukee) Ryan
* Site:

* (Central) Joe BrockCalifornia

* (Paso Robles) Orion - Gym/Acro instructor at YMCA
* (Santa Rosa, North Bay) Brett Robert
* Site:
* (San Diego) Lonnie Tisdale
* Site:
* Facebook:
* (San Francisco) Ryan Fulmer
* E-mail:
* Facebook:
* Site:
* (San Francisco) Albert Kong a.k.a. Lethalbeef
* E-mail:
* Site:
* (Visalia) Alex Jolly
* Facebook Group:
* Facebook Page:

* (Trumbull) ShayGeorgia

* (Savannah, Armstrong Atlantic State University) Brayden SaxonKentucky

* (Bowling Green) Kauri
* Facebook:
* E-mail: KauriXZ@hotmail.comMaine

* Steve LeifheitMichigan
* (Holland) Shamas Rodriguez

* Facebook:

* (Minneapolis) Chad Zwadlo
* Site:

* (Rolla) Patrick Witbrod
* Facebook:!/pages/Rolla-Parkour/169939103036199Ohio

* (Cleveland) Jacob Carter
* (Warren) Kyle Hershberger
* Site:
* Contact: Facebook
* (Dayton) Aaron VaughnPennsylvania

* (Lehigh Valley) Adam McC
* Site:
* (Philly) David Jones
* Site:

* Texas Parkour Inc.
* Contact: Matthew Lee Willis
* Email:
* Phone: 830-377-1897
* Parkour Federation Inc. (International)
* Contact: Matthew Lee Willis
* Email: info@parkourfederation.orgUtah

* Ryan Sannar
* Site:
* (St. George) Ian WantWashington

* Matthew Wang
* Site:
* E-mail:, washington@americanparkour.comWisconsin

* (Kenosha) Jeremy Osborn
* (Madison) Alissa, aka "Muse"
* Site: www.wisconsinparkour.comInternational


* Victoria, B.C.

* James, aka "Undeclared Winner"India

* Mumbai
* Site:,

Shyam Subramanian:
Hey!  I'm Shay.  I live in Connecticut, which is just pretty much all woods ;).  I started the community in my town, Trumbull, and teach a Parkour class with a couple of friends.  While I'm not the "leader of parkour" in our state, as I personally know people who are much more experienced than me, I love my cpmmunity amd am trying my hardest to "activate" the potential CT has in it :)

Matthew Wang:
Washington reporting in.

Hey, I'm Matt. I run the Washington Parkour Forums, although they're almost a dead species and I'm too busy to look through them in depth anymore. I always try to help beginners get along their way because when I was a beginner, many helped me. I like to return the favor. Pretty much I'm the Washington representative on APK. If you've got any questions about the Washington community, feel free to contact me!

Joe Brock:
I wish there was a better option than me for Central AR, but it seems like most of the plans and jams in the area over the past 6 months have all been my brainchildren.  Surprisingly, we have a lot of people really interested in the art of PK/FR, but simply don't know how to even begin.  I guess all of the running through the woods with shotguns has it in our blood. ;D

Central Arkansas, checking in.

Chad Zwadlo (Zwadloc):
Chad Zwadlo here from Minnesota.  I run the MNPK website ( as well as teach classes every day of the week at a local gymnastics school.  By the end of this year we will have our own Parkour/Freerunning/Martial Arts gym opened up here in the Twin Cities.


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