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Alec Furtado:
The purpose of this forum is to serve as a place where those who take and active role in supporting and leading a community can help out others looking to do the same.

This forum is meant to not only provide tips in teaching movements but to also aid in leadership and strategies in organizing groups of people in general. This forum will also serve as a place to find factual info on dealing with issues such as insurance.

One of the uses this forum is not meant for, at least not excessively, is to find people a group local to them.

Hopefully this forum will also spur more people into developing a strong local community and will help develop a good standard methodology to follow in terms of getting started and working with people.

And a big thanks to Mark for giving this forum a try.

Shyam Subramanian:
Awesome idea Alec!!  This will definately help - I pretty much started the community in my are and also help teach classes and this is a great way to get tips and such!

Definately will be frequenting this :)

Andy Keller:
I'm glad this worked out.

Now let's get some content in here! If you guys find any threads that you want moved here, let me know. Even if they're super old, the content discussed may be able to help someone.

Alec Furtado:

--- Quote from: Andy Keller on February 09, 2011, 07:41:50 PM ---If you guys find any threads that you want moved here, let me know.

--- End quote ---
A darn good idea. If I'm able to get done with my work in a decent amount of time, I'll start things off as much as I can. I already have some stuff in mind.

Idea: Leadership logs. Keep track of the formation and development of the organization you are attempting to build. Absolutely invaluable for others attempting to do the same.

Idea: Since logs might get buried, sticky a topic that's a list of Leaders, where they are from, and the link to their Leadership Log. Would also help people find local orgs and get an idea of what to expect.

How to qualify who is a Leader? Meh idk.

Ryan Nicolai:
Glad this idea worked out. I'll be frequenting this area heavily for the next few months.


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