Author Topic: Bloomsburg Parkour: Meetup on February 16th! RSVP to Facebook event within.  (Read 2525 times)

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It's been a long time. If you're within driving distance to Bloomsburg, PA, you are VERY welcome to join Columbia County Parkour for our first training session of 2013. The session is completely free.

Please RSVP to the linked event :)

I have been practicing parkour since 2005, and teaching in group settings since 2009. I have been A.D.A.P.T certified since August 2011, and got to learn coaching tips from some of the world authorities in parkour.

Our meeting begins at 1PM, and will continue until about 4pm. Afterwards, those who are interested are invited to join us for a food adventure in downtown Bloomsburg. From there, we disperse.

To those who will be going, I look forward to meeting you!
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