Author Topic: shoe that automatically increases your vertical leap APL basket ball shoe  (Read 793 times)

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My little brother plays basketball and he told me about these and at first I didn't believe him.

But I guess the shoe actually increases jumping ability by 2-3 inches and is banned by the NBA because it gives an unfair advantage and all of the players have contracts with other company's.

For 300 bucks I'm not so thrilled about using them for parkour/freerunning but I am definitely intrigued and would like to know if anybody has tried them.
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Hmm.. They seem interesting, but for parkour use maybe not because of the high tops.
Also I found this weird
"Currently available in two distinct colorways"
Under that sentence is four different colors... I know it's not a huge deal, but if they don't care to update text on their site I don't know how much I'd trust their quality control  ;D
This is some testing that was done by a news crew... You never know if it's just psychological though
(The results for people who don't feel like watching the vid: They noticed a slight increase, but nothing too sizable)
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